Philanthropy in Far East Russia

August, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Family club • Bus of kindness • Smile! • Movie • English camp! Yes! • Charity evening in restaurant “Port Royal” • Orphanage in Misovoe • Yearly BBQ

Family club

There were two meetings of our family club “Harmony” this month. Parents with children joined open air art workshop, where they learned how to make origami and do compositions. Parents also learned how to organize their children’s free time and have good family connections. Children learned how to be friendly and communicate with each other.

Bus of kindness

This month we had the final meeting of our “Bus of kindness” program.

Children from the department of social rehabilitation, boarding school for children with cerebral palsy and families with children who need medical and psychological rehabilitation attended the meeting; Participants sang songs, played games, took part in contests and quizzes.

A doctor showed funny gymnastics, and taught children and parents how to do hand massage, Psychologist played games with everybody to help them become closer and develop their attention. At the end of the day children enjoyed a delicious snack!


Smile is a kiss of the soul!

This month one more kid benefited by our new program, Karolina had free medical care in dental clinic “Implants”. She will come to school this year with beautiful smile and healthy teeth.


Following our program “Happy Summer”, Children from rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi” went to New wave cinema every month this summer, this time they watched an interesting movie “Smurfs” and had a wonderful time! And what is a movie without popcorn and Coca-Cola?

English camp! Yes!

For a second consecutive year we held and English camp program in the city of Ussurisk! There was special entertaining program, stylized room, 3D cinema theatre, swimming pool in the camp.

A good team of teachers taught kids English and organized a lot of performances. Kids had a good rest and improved their English. A teacher from Canada was invited to join and help lead the program.

Charity evening in restaurant “Port Royal”

The evening was dedicated to International Day of Humanitarian Help. All the guests enjoyed the evening and the show: light performance, balloons show, runway of designer Tatyana Rumiantseva and live music («BandofPackers» coversrock). We organized the auction of children’s paintings. 50% of income from food sold this evening also was donated to charity.

Orphanage in Misovoe

This month our volunteers went to an orphanage in Misovoe. They came to visit kids and do a puppet show program. 5 volunteers participated teaching kids to think about others and help those who need it. The main Performance was “The rock on the road” a was a beautiful lesson how to be kind and help others.

At the end of the program volunteers organized games to develop teamwork skills.

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