Philanthropy in Far East Russia

September, 2016
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in September of 2016.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

On September 3 Helping Hands volunteers went to visit the kids in the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi”. There are several age groups of the little ones who cannot live together with their parents due to different reasons. The kids miss home and their relatives so our volunteers always try to pay maximum attention to everyone. The little girls were fascinated by the master class on making paper dolls and creating dresses for them while the boys enjoyed the stories about the pirates and later drew pictures about them.

On September 17 our volunteers again came to the kids and played lots of outdoor games with these little fast-running cuties. Donating a few hours of your personal time to playing with the children in a difficult life situation we can definitely give them the most precious present - warm memories about caring people.

Program Family club «Harmony»

On September 10 a regular meeting of the family club “Harmony” was held and it was devoted to overcoming children’s fears. The teachers told the parents about the most common children’s fears and taught the parents how to defeat them. The parents took part in a few games together with the kids and learnt that games helped establish quick contact with the kids. The children got easily motivated during the games and forgot about their frights.

Program «Let’s have fun!» Excursion to Arseniev museum

On September 19 charity partnership Helping Hands organized an excursion to Arseniev museum for the kids from the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi”. The kids had a tour around the museum and participated in the interactive game “In the stone age”. The children learnt many interesting facts, took part in the quiz and enjoyed the excursion. Such visits to museums not only educate children but also help make good use of their free time.

Program «Smile»!

In September we continued to work with the program «Smile», a charity program designed to provide free dental care to kids from families with scarce finances. On September 22 charity partnership Helping Hands handed in a free dentist help certificate to Marina Mikultsa, a fourteen-year old teenager from a poor family who was in a desperate need of dentist treatment.

Program «Let’s have fun!» Concert and games in the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi»

“Volunteers help children!” was the motto of a charity action which was organized on September 23 in the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi” for more than 70 kids. The volunteers and the kids took part in the concert, got acquainted and then took part in funny competitions. Charity partnership Helping Hands organized funny contests for the kids and gave sweet prizes to each kid. The children were also given color chalks and had a chance to take part in a drawing contest devoted to “Tiger Day” in the city of Vladivostok.

Elder sister, elder brother. Volunteers go to orphanage in Pokrovka village

On September 25 Helping Hands volunteers went to visit the kids in the orphanage in the village of Pokrovka. After a long summer break the children were happy to see again their friends. They told volunteers about their summer rest. Then volunteers and the children played games, drew pictures devoted to “Tiger Day” and then had a sandwich-making master class. The visit was fun. Charity partnership Helping Hands also handed in the kids’ clothes and stationery for school.

If you are ready to help and donate children’s clothes, toys, sweets, whatever you are ready to give– you are welcome! Kids need any help you can give. Our volunteers are going to visit the children in Vladivostok orphanages in October.

Program «Mobile teams». Visit to Slavyanka village

In August in the frames of the joint project of “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi” to support families and kids in the remote parts of the Primorsky region, 5 doctors of the mobile team went to the village of Slavyanka. The mobile team specialists consulted the parents on the problems of parent-children relations. They visited families in a difficult life situation and provided them with children’s clothes and footwear. In total they helped 32 kids and 22 adults.

Program «Happy Birthday with love»

We continue our special project for the disabled kids and our partner sushi-bar «Tokyo» supports us in this program. In August two kids suffering severe illnesses received presents on their birthdays. Shikleeva Alina and Gusakov Mikhail were happy when they saw the guests and the presents!

Donating part of your time or property for those people in need can be rewarded differently. Anyone can become a sponsor. Please don’t wait when it becomes late! Help someone today!

You help us and we help children – we work for the sake of their happy smiles!

We are grateful to our sponsors!

And we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors, partners and volunteers who participate in our projects. Stay with us and continue to do good things for children! Join NC partnership “Helping Hands” as a partner or corporate partner and together we will be able to do more good things!

We thank Natalia Vladimirovna, director of Maslakoff Art Gallery, for painting which she donated for the orphans. With great pleasure we passed all of them to orphanages and rehabilitation centers.

We sincerely thank all our partners, sponsors and volunteers who take part in our projects!

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