Youth Center

Philanthropy in Far East Russia

January, 2014

The project “Youth center Ruki Pomoschi” operated from 2013 till 2014.

Welcome to the pages of the 6th newsletter of our Youth Center, a special project of «Helping Hands» partnership. In this issue we present for your kind attention our newsletter with all information about the center’s activities in January of 2014.

Youth center, a new project of partnership «Helping Hands», aimed to support the youth of Vladivostok, continued its work in December 2013 and January 2014.

On December 28 we organized a New Year party for the youth of the center. Pedagogical team «Istok» prepared the show with Santa Claus and Snow maid, and they also organized many games for the children. We sincerely thank our volunteers for their help!

Teenagers from English studio sang a Christmas song in English. Kids from other studios inspired by their teachers made beautiful decorations for the center and then decorated the dance hall with great enthusiasm.

We also took care to set a sweet table for the children. We would like to thank Varvara Nasyr, a representative of Sollers Company who brought 7 tasty cakes for the kids! The children ate cakes and pizza, had much fun, danced and sang and were happy! In the end of the party everyone received a present. “Helping hands” also gave sweets and chocolates to the kids to make the party even tastier! 

In December and January the classes in all studios continued. Children could attend free classes in dance studio, computer class, English studio and art studio.

During English classes the children learnt to translate texts, worked with new words on the topics «books», «Christmas and New Year», «the world around you», made dialogs, watched educational cartoons and communicated in English a lot.  

In art studio the children drew abstract compositions, painted with water paints and they also participated in handicrafts master classes – they made designs of clothes, made a doll and made many different decorations for the Youth center.

In computer class the teenagers were busy with searching the options of the Internet, they searched for useful programs, learnt how to install them. They also made Power Point presentations for the New Year. They made congratulation cards, decorated them with computer programs and learnt many useful skills.  

The children in the dance studio were actively involved in physical training and stretching exercises, they were busy with preparation of several dances. They continued to learn dancing to R&B, Drum&bass, Justin Bieber, Jazz modern, Michal Jackson styles.

In January “Helping Hands” started a new search of children from poor families to attract them to our free classes.  We visit schools and talk with social teachers who are responsible to take care of underfinanced families. In January we had new kids who were eager to participate in the project.