Youth Center

Philanthropy in Far East Russia

October, 2013
Welcome to the pages of the 5th newsletter of our Youth Center, a special project of «Helping Hands» partnership. In this issue we present for your kind attention our newsletter with all information about the center’s activities in October of 2013.

Youth center, a new project of partnership «Helping Hands», aimed to support the youth of Vladivostok, continued its work in October of 2013.

The teenagers attend English classes after school with great pleasure. In October our children learnt words on the topics «Holidays», «My spare time», and they also practiced grammar exercises – they made up dialogs and prepared presentations on various themes. Together with the kids from our computer classes they learnt how to make a short video clip in English.

The most interesting and inspiring lessons were held in the end of October when the children started preparation for Halloween party. They enthusiastically leant new words related to this holiday, participated in discussions and prepared for the party’s games and contests. “Learning English can be great fun!” – they say.

The children in our computer class continued learning Word and Excel programs and their lessons were both practical and exciting. In October they learnt how to edit texts and fill in the forms of different documents. They learnt how to make tables and on their own made calculations of a secretary’s salary. They worked with the program “An individual enterprise” and learnt how to calculate the salaries and design advertisements for the goods and services. The teenagers of our computer class also keenly participated in the preparation for Halloween party – they took part in the contest for the best advertisement for this party, designed certificates and diplomas for the participants of all contests. And the children from our art studio helped to decorate the diplomas and certificates; they also carved pumpkins for the party and created handmade decorations for the youth center.

Art studio is the most creative and colorful studio of our youth center. The kids not only learn to draw but also make many artistic works. In October they learnt how to make a personal handmade notebook; they designed and decorated the cover. During the art lessons they learnt about «statics» in composition and drew abstract compositions themselves.  They learnt about different techniques when working with paints. They also actively participated in master classes held before Halloween party – they made small paper pumpkins and learnt how to make black origami bats.

The children from our dance studio also took part in all events. During their classes they learnt different dance styles, had many physical exercises. Many kids say they can do stretch exercises and side split really well. The teenagers from advanced dance group are involved in preparation of the dance. Choreographic training will be of use to them in the future because they will be able to participate in different events with the ready dance. Many kids from the dance studio guided by their teacher Kristina Sakantseva also take part in cooking master classes.  

The first cooking master class was held on October 5, and was devoted to making fruit salads. The children keenly made fruit cuts, learnt about various dressings to fruit salads and communicated a lot. Our volunteer and inspirer of the project, Yelena Iovenko, told the kids many interesting things about the recipes and cooking techniques. Cooking is her lifelong hobby. Orphans-graduates were also invited to the event. They took part in making salads and then the teenagers had a tea party.

Another joint event for the kids of our youth center and participants of the second program for orphans-graduates was held on October 8. Francis Landivar presented a seminar “Success and how to become successful in life”. Francis told the teenagers how to take control over emotions, how to manage the time and how to change the situation with the help of words. Then the children participated in the discussion.

On October 31 we organized Halloween party for the kids of our center. The children greatly enjoyed master classes on pumpkin carving, making paper pumpkins and decorations for the dance hall, a tea party, contests and dancing party. Many of them took part in Halloween costumes and make up.

Halloween party was great!