Youth Center

Philanthropy in Far East Russia

November, 2013
Welcome to the pages of the 6th newsletter of our Youth Center, a special project of «Helping Hands» partnership. In this issue we present for your kind attention our newsletter with all information about the center’s activities in November of 2013.

Youth center, a new project of partnership «Helping Hands», aimed to support the youth of Vladivostok, continued its work in November of 2013.

English classes attract many teenagers in our center. In November the children prepared reports and presentations about English speaking countries. They studied words on topics«School. School subjects. Timetable». Lessons of English should not be boring – the teacher and the kids watched a cartoon in English and then discussed it.  Grammar is also important and the children don’t forget to revise it. They do many exercises in their workbooks. They practiced English in dialogs. Their teacher is sure that communication is the best way to start speaking a foreign language!

Classes in our art studio in November included classical drawing – the children learnt how to define different shades and work with the composition. The kids often ask to organize hand craft lessons for them so in November they were offered to learn origami techniques. They made origami figures of a crane and a funny frog. The most interesting lessons were about making illustrations for a fairy tale. The kids made their own drawings and then made a replica of copperplate print by way of applying strokes of a paint brush.

Classes in our computer studio are no less important than English classes or art lessons! In November the kids continues to learn PowerPoint program and made their own presentations. They also continued to work with Word program – they made greeting cards, worked with text and drawings. They used Excel program to create their own colorful calendars for the New 2014 year. They also learnt how to make a program «your own enterprise», how to make a resume and choose the best layout for it.

Teenagers from our dance studio continue to learn and practice different dance styles - R&B, Drum&bass, Justin Bieber, Jazz modern, Michal Jackson and they also do many exercises. The children from the advanced group are in the process of staging a complete dance show.

Choreographic preparation work in November was devoted to participation of our dance group in Olympic torch marathon in Vladivostok.

On November 5 we had a cooking master class, the children enthusiastically made small sandwiches - canapés. The girls loved making canapés of different forms and fillings. They also baked waffles and had a tea party. The volunteers from the pedagogical team “Oasis” came to play with the teenagers. They prepared interesting team-building trainings.

Наши дети о нашем центре…


Everything that I learn in the youth center will be useful for me in the future. I like it!

Glushko Yevgeny:

Youth center is a place where I can spend my time with use and pleasure!


Many interesting events take place in the center. I learnt many new things. My school marks in English improved!


I have many friends here, I can talk and communicate, the center is such fun. I love youth center!


It is my second school!

Koltun Katya:

I like to be in the youth center. Here we have interesting computer classes and English lessons. It is the youth center where children get help!


It is very interesting here in the center. I learnt how to make presentations and projects on computer. The teachers are so kind and funny, never angry with us !


Our English class is the best!!! This center is a place where I feel comfortable and not stressed.


Youth center gives me an opportunity to learn English and art free of charge. For me it is a chance to learn new things in life and spend good time with interesting people who become my friends.

Project «Adaptation of orphans- graduates in real life»

Our new program “Adaptation of orphans- graduates in real life” continued in November. We organized two meetings for the teenagers.  Evgeny Chernyshev, our professional volunteer, heads and manages the program. Artyom Ponomarenko, a representative of the city’s youth center, assists our organization in this program.

Our life coach Elena Manina consulted the teenagers on how to   overcome difficulties in many life situations. At the moment we help 16 orphans-graduates. Most of their questions are related to studies, so we help them prepare for their first session exams. We invite volunteers who are ready to help with legal consultations on housing problems, or provide help with part-time jobs, or hold interesting and useful master classes for the orphans.