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Philanthropy in Far East Russia

May, 2013
Welcome to the pages of the second newsletter of our Youth Center, a special project of «Helping Hands» partnership. In this issue we present for your kind attention our newsletter with all information about the center’s activities in April and May of 2013.

On April 15 we had a ceremonial opening of our Youth Center, a new project of our partnership. Beside this, we organized many other events and activities for teenagers attending our Youth center.

On April 17 we organized a meeting with a bicycle rider from Switzerland who is carrying out a project between different schools in the world. Chris Gionchetta travels around the world on his bicycle and visits children in schools. He asks kids to draw pictures and then takes them to the next school where he exchanges them with the new drawings. Thus the cultural exchange between schools and students is performed, and Chris also tells teenagers about different countries he has already visited, their culture and traditions.

Chris also demonstrated all equipment he uses during his trip – he showed to kids his sleeping bag and demonstrated how to use it. Our children were fascinated with the meeting and with great pleasure and much enthusiasm they drew pictures which Chris will take to the next school on his way. 
Chris also shared his impressions about Russia and kids asked him numerous questions. 

All communication was in English and our English teacher Yulia Ushakova helped translate the discussion.

We need to point out that our English teachers give very professional lessons to our teenagers. For example, they work with the textbook Oxford Team and teach children to tell about themselves, to talk about family members and their hobbies, sport activities. Teenagers discuss everyday topics and the most important thing is that they get acquainted to an idea that English is not a dull subject at school but a tool of international communication. They start to realize the importance of learning a language for future success.  They understand it well when they meet with foreign guests like Chris or when they communicate with Francis Landivar, director of “Helping Hands” who brilliantly brought to life the project of Youth Center.

In April and May lessons continued in all four studios. In computer class teenagers leant to make digital compilation and animated graphics in Photoshop program, they designed a project called «fictional future» with application of various techniques, styles and effects. In May they started to learn Corel Draw program.

In our art studio in April and May kids learnt how to draw a human figure, they also learnt about symmetry and proportions and drew geometric figures with different color of the background. At our dance classes teenagers continue to learn how to dance different styles like Hip Hop, Jazz Modern, R&B, Belly Dance and others. Our dance instructor Kristina Sakantseva trained a group of her kids to stage a dance performance at the party in Cuckoo club.

On April 28 we had a grandiose party for our kids to celebrate the opening of the Youth Center. We invited all our kids to the party where they could have fun, play games and dance!

Our teenagers took part in contests, sang songs in English, danced and enjoyed socializing with each other as well as with our volunteers who helped us organize this event for our children.

Teenagers shared their impressions and said in unison: «It was cool!» They had a chance to feel that together they are a team of friends. 

In May we organized different seminars and master classes for our teenagers to make them busy during long May vacations. On May 4 a modeling school visited our center and staged a fashion show – our teenage girls were in delighted. On May 10 we held a seminar for teenagers to educate them about various business possibilities in life.

Veronika Nestorovich told children about basics of the business and shared a story of her business. She also talked with the kids about the possibility of earning their own pocket money. Then our volunteers played with the kids, discussed various topics and watched.

On May 11 another businessman Yevgeny Chernyshev held a seminar with the kids and told them about the basics of successful thinking. He stressed the importance of setting goals in life and ways to achieve them. Our teenagers asked many questions and the seminar was more like a discussion club. Then our volunteers helped to entertain the kids – they played games, held a master class on water color painting and then they organized a small dancing party.

Our partnership "Helping Hands" wholeheartedly invites all our friends, partners and sponsors as well as independent individuals to participate in this new project. How can you help? - You can become a partner providing services or goods or donating finances to help us maintain the center. We invite you to become a part of this socially vital project, visit the center and our events and share with us the joy of its development!

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