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June, 2013
Welcome to the pages of the third newsletter of our Youth Center, a special project of «Helping Hands» partnership. In this issue we present for your kind attention our newsletter with all information about the center’s activities in May and June of 2013.

Youth center, a new project of the partnership “Helping hands” aimed to support the youth of Vladivostok continues its work. We invited kids from city orphanages №2 and №4 to join the youth center classes. We also invited teenagers from two rehabilitation centers “Parus Nadezhdi” and “Mayak” to come to study in our four studios.  

In English studio our English teacher Ekaterina Sofina helps kids learn many new words and trains them to use the words in the sentences and discuss daily events in English. Kids from orphanages play and learn at the lessons, solve puzzles and make short and long phrases.

 In our computer class teenagers study PowerPoint, Corel Draw programs with the help of IT teacher Anastasia Goncharova. They also learnt how to make presentations and arrange information in a smart and neat form. For kids from the rehabilitation centers we prepared special classes to teach them essential computer skills. The basics of computer knowledge included training lessons with Word and Excel programs, creation of tables as well as final correction and arrangement of completed work.

In the art studio teenagers are busy learning the basics of painting in water colors. Kids greatly enjoy painting and they love learning about new techniques (in May our art teacher Yulia Orlova taught the children pointillism, a technique of painting in which small dots of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image. )They tried to imitate famous paintings using this style.  Children were also taught elements of design applied to their artwork. At the lessons of classical painting kids learn how to express the shapes and materials of objects using a pencil. For kids from orphanages and rehabilitation centers we organized several master classes of graffiti style - teenagers were keen to study this popular technique though they did not use a spray paint but a pencil.  Many teenagers took their works with them to orphanages to show to friends and teachers.

In our dance studio teenagers continue to learn Hip Hop, Jazz Modern, Break Dance, Tecktonik style. Our dance teacher Kristina Sakantseva gives teenagers much physical training. Kids from the rehabilitation centers enjoyed exercises to develop plasticity and sense of rhythm. The elements of yoga simply fascinated them.

In May Kristina organized the teenagers to have a master class on baking waffles. The kids who regularly attend the youth center participated in this event.

Our life coach Elena Manina helps teenagers get oriented in the world of professions as well as improve interpersonal relations. In May and June Elena held seminars with the kids to discuss the following topics «how to make communication comfortable?», «why we argue and how to avoid conflict situations». A professional volunteer of “Helping Hands”, an entrepreneur Yevgeny Chernyshev, held another seminar with the kids from orphanages. The seminar was called « how to set goals in life and achieve them». Children listened attentively, asked questions and actively participated in the dialog.

On June 1, International Children’s Day, the partnership “Helping Hands” organized an excursion for teenagers attending our Youth center. A comfortable bus was arranged by one of the partnership’s sponsors, Sergei Kravets, who also supports other charity programs in the summer.

The excursion included sightseeing and a photo session. Famous British photographer Rolph Gobits accepted the invitation to participate in this project.

About thirty kids of our Youth Center enjoyed being photographed near the submarine memorial, then they took a walk along a renovated Naberezhnaya avenue. Then they were taken to a high peak in the city funicular and took pictures of the breathtaking views of the new bridge. Then the kids had lunch and finally arrived at one of the beaches in the Russky Island where they played and had fun.  

Some of the kids shared that they had never had an opportunity to visit the Russky Island before. So it was their first and very memorable trip.

As usual, the volunteers of the partnership helped entertain the kids and organized different games for them.

Fun, smiles, happy faces and many memorable photographs became a good result of that day.

Our partnership "Helping Hands" wholeheartedly invites all our friends, partners and sponsors as well as independent individuals to participate in this new project. How can you help? - You can become a partner providing services or goods or donating finances to help us maintain the center. We invite you to become a part of this socially vital project, visit the center and our events and share with us the joy of its development!

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