Youth Center

Youth Center Philanthropy in Far East Russia

September, 2013
Welcome to the pages of the 4th newsletter of our Youth Center, a special project of «Helping Hands» partnership. In this issue we present for your kind attention our newsletter with all information about the center’s activities in September of 2013.

Youth center, a new project of partnership «Helping Hands», aimed to support the youth of Vladivostok, continued its work in September. In August the teenagers had their summer vacations while we did some minor repairs in the center. On September 9, 2013 the center opened its doors for our children.

In English studio our English teacher Alexandra Khristenko held introductory lessons on topics «Greetings» and «Getting acquainted». The new academic year has successfully started and all English groups are full and the attendance is good – teenagers are keen to learn English grammar and new words. In September according to the curriculum, they learnt words on the topics «School» and «Hobbies», tried their hand at making their own dialogs and practiced asking questions.

Our English teacher also integrates entertainment aspect in the classroom activities. In the end of September kids watched a cartoon in English. Watching movies in the original language both entertains and motivates children to learn a foreign language. The kids discussed the cartoon in English and shared their impressions. «English is cool!»- our teenagers say.

In our computer studio kids learnt basics of Excel program in September. Anastasia Goncharova, IT teacher, taught the kids how to create their own calendars. Teenagers also learnt about algorithm and practiced making them on their own. Another group of the computer class learnt about “Word” program and how to insert pictures in the text.

To add a creative aspect into studying, the teacher asked the kids first to draw “Angry birds” and then make a comic story with groups of birds and pieces of text – therefore the teenagers learnt how to group objects, copy them, paste in the text and make their own illustrated story. They also learnt typing forms of agreements and filling in the questionnaires.

In art studio in September our teacher Julia Orlova taught the kids how to draw a human figure, told them about proportions in painting. Other interesting lessons included topics of dynamics in painting and laws of perspective. Teenagers learnt many new things and practiced painting abstract compositions with dynamic perspective.

In the end of September kids greatly enjoyed painting autumn compositions. In our dance studio teenagers learn and practice Hip Hop, Jazz Modern, Break Dance and other styles. Our dance instructor Kristina Sakantseva gives the kids many exercises to keep them in good physical shape. Teenagers of the first advanced group have already started learning a new dance.

Our personal coach Elena Manina holds creative meetings with the teenagers and helps them solve personal difficulties, avoid conflicts in life and trains them on how to choose a profession. In September we had 70 kids regularly attending the center’s classes and we still continue to invite more new kids.

29 сентября мы организовали вечеринку в клубе Cuckoo для подростков нашего молодежного центра, чтобы отпраздновать начало нового учебного года. «Прощай лето, здравствуй школа!» - таким был девиз нашего праздника. Мы пригласили ребят нашего молодежного центра, а также группу детей из детского дома №4 и реабилитационного центра «парус Надежды».

Спасибо администрации клуба Cuckoo, которая всегда идет навстречу благотворительным мероприятиям и предоставляет помещение!

On September 29 we organized a party in Cuckoo club for all teenagers of our Youth center to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year. «Goodbye summer, hello school!» - was the party’s motto. We also invited orphans- graduates who participate in our new adaptation program to come and share amusement of autumn fun!

We also invited kids from the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi “ and city orphanages. We express special gratitude to the top management of Cuckoo club  who are always eager to assist charity projects and gladly provide us with the premises!

We would like to thank top management of Royal Market Company as well as Holding «Monastyrev and Co» who took part in organizing a sweet table for the kids! And special thanks to Varvara Nasyr, a representative of Sollers Company, for the tastiest cookies of this party!

Students – volunteers of “Helping hands” took part in the event and organized an entertainment program with games and contests for the children. The kids had fun, danced, played and greatly enjoyed the party! The beginning of a new school year does not seem so boring to them now!

Much fun, smiles, good mood and many photographs became a good result of this party.